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Dr Supriya Puranik

Director - 9M Fertility Pune
Dr.Supriya Puranik

Dr Supriya Puranik

Best IVF Doctor & Infertility Specialist in Aundh, Pune


Leading gynecologist Dr. Supriya Puranik is the best IVF doctor & Infertility Specialist division at 9M Fertility Centre as well as a high risk obstetrician. She has helped thousands of women with rediscovering the pleasure and bliss of motherhood, from a lady who had given up on having children at the age of 52 to a woman who had 18 unsuccessful IUI and IVF procedures at the age of 32. Additionally, she was the only doctor from Asia to be featured in a BBC documentary.

She saw that inaccessibility to timely and effective treatment led to the loss of a mother and new born child for her neighbor’s family when she was young. That’s when she decided to become a doctor. She has a strong commitment to and empathy for women and children, in addition to having an exceptional educational background and more than 25 years of experience.

She gained two further degrees, a -D.G.O. in 1995 and a D.N.B. in 1997—after completing her MBBS as a university ranker in 1992. Since women typically equate “motherhood” with their identity and self-worth and infertility would make them feel unworthy, she knew early in her work that infertility was one of the largest problems encountered by many women in India. She observed that it was challenging for women to even bring up the issue of infertility because society blamed women for a couple’s infertility.

There were only a few infertility and IVF centres, which inspired her to learn more about infertility. Before relocating to Pune in 2013, where she continued her work on infertility, pregnancy, and other gynaecological issues, she and her team helped deliver the first test-tube baby in the Satara District and treated infertility among hundreds of couples in semi-urban and rural areas near Karad (Satara).

She is not only a successful gynecologist, but also a best IVF doctor & Infertility Specialist. She has been a professor at Krisha Medical Institute for five years and gives lectures to junior gynecologists and general practitioners on reproductive medicine and obstetrics. She is well trained, esteemed by the medical community, and adored and respected by her patients. Through her profession as a doctor, she aspires to increase happiness in people’s lives.

Dr Supriya Puranik


Director - 9M Fertility Pune





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