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We take great pride in having the top IVF Specialists in India at our 9M Fertility Centre. With regards to addressing various infertility issues, our infertility Doctors and specialists have extensive clinical expertise. Our experienced and empathetic fertility professionals are dedicated to helping you find solutions to your reproductive requirements. Our fertility specialists will make sure that your therapy is customized for your requirements and situation.

Dr. Sreevani Kotha is a committed and eminent expert in the field of infertility with more than fifteen years of extensive expertise in reproductive medicine. She is a dedicated professional who is optimistic and a great communicator, and she has gained popularity among her patients. Leading gynecologist Dr. Supriya Puranik is also a high risk obstetrician and the leading IVF & Fertility Specialist division at 9M Fertility Centre. She is very skilled, respected in the medical field, and loved and admired by her patients.

Our fertility specialists, nurses, therapists, and support personnel collaborate to deliver individualized care to the highest standards. Every one of our fertility doctors contributes their particular knowledge and insight. Our trained therapists are an essential part of your care, supporting you as you make challenging choices and helping you in managing stress and setbacks. Our team consists of skilled reproductive medicine and best infertility specialists, as well as embryologists, gynecologists, andrologists, doctors who specialize in in vitro fertilization (IVF), counsellors, and knowledgeable support workers.

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Sreevani Kotha Gachibowli

Dr Sreevani Kotha

Director & HOD - 9M Fertility Hyderabad

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Dr.Supriya Puranik Pune

Dr Supriya Puranik

Director - 9M Fertility Pune

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Dr. Rahul Reddy G Gachibowli

Dr. Rahul Reddy Gangavaram

Consultant Micro Surgical Andrologist

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Dr.Pratyusha Gunreddy Gachibowli

Dr. Prathyusha Gunreddy

Fertility Consultant - 9M Fertility

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Dr. Manorama Kandepi

Fertility Consultant - 9M Fertility

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Rajashekar Udutha Gachibowli

Rajashekar Udutha

Chief Embryologist

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Dr Shalini Singh - Fertility Consultant Gachibowli

Dr Shalini Singh

Fertility consultant - 9M fertility

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