National Doctor's Day

Importance of National Doctor’s Day 2023

Every year on July 1st, National Doctor’s Day is observed in India to pay tribute to doctors throughout the nation and in remembrance of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

Doctors serve as the defenders of our nation, risking their own lives in the noble pursuit of saving lives and increasing life expectancy, instead of engaging in battles on the borders. They surpass expectations in their efforts to promote human well-being. Expressing gratitude to your physician is not something that happens every day. However, this particular day presents an ideal opportunity to show appreciation to your doctors for their unwavering support in addressing your health concerns.

The origin and background of National Doctors’ Day

India has observed National Doctors’ Day on July 1st every year since 1991 as a way to honor the renowned and esteemed figure Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. Roy, who was not only a prominent doctor but also a politician, a freedom fighter, and a strong proponent of education, is remembered and celebrated on this special day.

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was a well-known doctor, educator, independence fighter, social worker, and politician who lived from July 1, 1882, to July 1, 1962. From 1948 until 1962, he served as West Bengal’s chief minister for a total of 14 years. He was given “THE BHARAT RATNA,” the highest civilian honour in India, on February 4th, 1961. He sacrificed his life for the people, helped a great number of people, and motivated millions. He also served as Mahatma Gandhi’s personal doctor.

The B.C. Roy National Award was created in his honour in 1976 to honour outstanding individuals in the fields of health, science, public affairs, philosophy, the arts, and literature.

Significance and Responsibilities of Doctors

National Doctors’ Day in India is commemorated as a way to acknowledge and pay tribute to the valuable contributions of doctors to society. Furthermore, it aims to increase public awareness about the crucial role, important responsibilities, and duties performed by doctors in the care of patients.

Doctors hold a vital position in society, as they commit themselves to the well-being of their patients, working towards a speedy recovery from illnesses or conditions and improving their overall quality of life. With their extensive knowledge of medical science, they effectively diagnose and treat ailments, ultimately prolonging the lives of their patients. In times of pandemic crises such as COVID-19, Disease X, Plague, Flu, AIDS, Ebola, and various others, they are at the forefront, taking immediate action to protect the general population.

On this special day, every individual in India should take pride in the highly skilled medical professionals who dedicate their lives to improving the health of the nation. It is also an opportunity to express gratitude for their tireless efforts and significant contributions during times of medical emergencies. We express our gratitude and appreciation to the doctors who offer solace and encouragement to patients and their loved ones during difficult moments. Thank you for your empathetic and compassionate care. Your presence instills hope and provides much-needed reassurance. On behalf of 9M Fertility, we extend our warm wishes to all doctors on this joyous occasion of National Doctors Day.


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