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Journey of 9M Fertility Centre at Gachibowli Hyderabad

9M Fertility Centre, founded by Dr. Krishna Prasad Vunnam, is renowned for pioneering patient care in the field of reproductive treatment. With an acclaimed staff of doctors, embryologists, and counsellors backed up by cutting-edge technology, 9M Fertility centre is the best IVF clinic in Hyderabad for infertility difficulties and IVF treatment.

Dr Sreevani Kotha is the Director and Head of the Department of 9M Fertility. She has over 20 years of expertise as a gynecologist and infertility specialist and is a leading gynecologist at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. She has completed advanced training in gynecologic laparoscopic surgery. 9M fertility centre has skilled IVF fertility doctors who are committed to offering each patient individualized attention and assistance. We offer a variety of comprehensive and personalized fertility services to assist individuals and couples in realizing their parental dreams. To provide our patients with the best chance of success, 9M Fertility Centre employs modern techniques and equipment in the field of fertility care. IVF, IUI, and ICSI treatments are maintained with high-quality care and cutting-edge standards. To fulfil the needs of each individual, we provide a variety of reproductive services, such as IVF, IUI, donor therapy, fertility preservation, and more.


Infertility and issues with decreased fecundity have long been of concern, and they continue to be a serious clinical issue that affects 8–12% of couples globally today. Failure to produce a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or longer of regular, unprotected sexual activity is a sign of infertility, a disorder of the reproductive system. In our society, when having children is highly valued, infertility has psychological, financial, and physical repercussions that cause distress and worry.

Therefore, it is imperative that we look into the factors contributing to this surge in infertility and that we make efforts to manage those variables in the near future.

What exactly is IVF?

In vitro fertilization is a method of fertilization in which an egg is joined with sperm in a laboratory. The procedure entails monitoring and promoting a female’s ovulatory process, taking an ovum or ova from their ovaries, and allowing sperm to fertilize them in a laboratory culture medium.

IVF helps patients overcome the majority of barriers to conception. Unknown infertility, blocked tubes, and PCOS, to name a few, are no longer problems. You can have children despite problems including male infertility, low sperm counts, or sperm shortages.

We officially launched our 9M fertility IVF programme.

A pregnancy and live birth are the most significant outcomes of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. In the context of an best IVF clinic in Hyderabad programme, quality refers to the level of support we offer to couples that contact us for assistance.

The effectiveness of the techniques and tools employed in the IVF laboratory has a significant impact on the level of service offered to the patients. Our tools are kept in excellent condition.  In our laboratory, safety precautions are of the utmost significance. Additionally, we take precautions to prevent sample contamination in our IVF labs.


Intrauterine insemination, often known as IUI, is a form of artificial insemination used to treat infertility. When your ovary releases one or more eggs for fertilization, concentrated and clean sperm is immediately injected into your uterus.
For individuals with ovulatory problems, unexplained infertility, cervical or male factor infertility, therapeutic intrauterine insemination (IUI) using a partner’s spermatozoa is frequently the first-line treatment offered by many clinics.


A fertility remedy is intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Live sperm are injected into a person’s eggs in a laboratory. A fertilized egg can become an embryo through this process. In vitro fertilization (IVF) includes ICSI.

When a man has an extremely low sperm count, few migratory sperm, and produces few high-quality sperm, ICSI can really give couples hope. The egg and its outer layers do not need to be reached by the sperm when using ICSI.

ICSI eliminates the need for sperm to travel to the egg or break through the egg’s outer layers. Additionally, it can be applied to couples in which the man has undergone an irreversible vasectomy or in whom there is no sperm in the semen because of missing tubes or obstructions in his reproductive organs.

In addition to typical IVF procedures, the 9M fertility best IVF clinic in Hyderabad centre provides a variety of treatments. 9M Fertility by Ankura Hospital offers reasonably priced fertility treatments to assist patients struggling with today’s financial issues. Our goal is to assist as many patients with overcoming infertility challenges as we can so they can start healthy, happy families.

During your fertility journey, 9M Fertility provides the greatest patient care to reduce stress and worry. Our senior fertility consultant, Dr. Sreevani Kotha, will supervise a skilled and sympathetic group of senior fertility nurses as they administer our assortment of 9M Fertility therapies.

We do care for our loved ones, because we understand the value of life. We care about the patients’ current lives in addition to focusing on guiding patients towards selecting the top IVF facilities. The facilities and staff at our centre are accepted by the medical authorities that oversee the operation of the healthcare systems in India.

We want to provide you with an experience that stays in your heart and thoughts for a very long time. Together, let’s fight for a better future for you. 9M is the best IVF clinic in India, where advanced methods and specialized protocols have a high success rate in achieving pregnancies. It is a place where we can help you realize your dream of having a child of your own.

Make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable fertility staff if you’re just starting out and unsure whether you need IVF. They can help you get started. They will examine you thoroughly and look into your family history. Our staff are available to assist with any testing that may be required, respond to any queries you may have, and provide guidance on the next steps that you can take to continue your fertility journey.

Call 9053 108 108 or send an email to web@9mfertility.com to schedule a consultation with 9M Fertility Centre.


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